The art is a reflection of what I believe in: that beauty can touch us in marvelous ways, that life is a wonderful medley of ups and downs and going around and that love is divine.   I’m an eternal optimist passionate about life, learning, and achieving.   I am angered by evil, grieved by hopelessness, and inspired by human potential.   I believe in stewardship and conservation.  I’ve a special spot in my heart for furry friends, and most of all I am grateful for the people in my life.  Days start early, end late, and fly by but are usually filled with glorious things.

My photography works centers around commercial photography and portraiture particularly beauty and boudoir.   I love working with the freelancer and small business person.  I know what it’s like to chase a dream and work tirelessly to cause it to come true.  It’s a privilege to use my talent to help another achieve their dream.

I am also a woman and know how much a beautiful picture of us can mean to our self esteem.  Sometimes, we just need to be reminded of how precious we are.

For full pricing and bookings please email me at ragtagalley@gmail.com